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Is this Lupus

6 months ago I got diagnosed for fibromyalgelia and 8 months ago I had a ana blood test that came back normal today's symptoms are pain all over my body witch can be dull, sharp, burning I have brain fog, son tired all the time, some days the pain is unbearable I get burning feet and tummynand some little rashes come up, in last 4 months I have had yeast infection that has come back 5 times, I have ulsers in my mouth that won't go away or get them treated then the ulcers come back.

I have tryed to talk to my doctor but he says that its fibro

Please can someone help

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Push him some more, this doesn't sound like fibro. Ask for a short trial of steroids - if you improve on it, then it isn't fibro (as fibro doesn't respond to steroids).


Fibro - Lupus - Sjogren's, etc. are all autoimmune diseases. They all cause basically the same symptoms, the worst being the extreme fatigue. Having a negative ANA is a blessing. For 4 years and dozens of ANA tests, never had I had a normal one. How high is your Ferritin? With an active autoimmune disease it would be high - thus, showing heavy inflammatory activity. Just an ANA is not enough -- your doctor should be running many more tests.

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Sorry to hear you are having such miserable time! Unfortunately lupus can mimic other diseases and vice versa which is really frustrating. Your GP needs to do a full Antiautoimmune Profile and hopefully this will give a clearer picture. Good luck.


I agree with all the above posts...and so sorry you aren't feeling well..Also I may add to chart your symptoms, take pictures of your rashes and stuff on your phone, if you can.You can show your doctor pics of anything unusual, plus show what you charted..Autoimmune illnesseses are masters of disguise.They mimic so many other things, crossover with each other, morph..Plus in the USA, where I am at, I was told the tests aren't very accurate, especially for mild forms of the autoimmune's...I was told alot of the test don't show pos unless in a active flare....But do press your GP for a full blood panel and maybe even a referral to a Rheumy.xx


Hi thankyou all so much response I have already been to a rheumy about 6 months ago diagnosed with fibro I was OK with the diagnosis but now I am not cause of all the infections going on . I am so worried about my illness I know in my heart there is something funny going on.

I have had loads of blood tests but that was between 6months to a year.

I hope you all get on OK with your diagnosis


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