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GP told me he is changing my pain meds (Pregablin, carbamazepine & amitriptylene) due to costs

My GP told me today that he was changing my Pregablin from 150 mg 3 times a day to 225 mg twice a day. Also changing carbamazepine from 200 mg 3 times a day to 300 slow release tablets twice a day. He is also changing my amitriptylene from 10 mg in the morning and 40 mg in the evening to just one 50 mg tablet in the evening. I am very worried because my pain symptoms always come back, but he tells me that the saving will provide other patients with medication. Has anyone gone through the same thing? Looking for some reassurance. Thanks

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Hi Lorska

To help put your mind at rest about your drug doses , carbamazepine dose is the same and slow release tablets can give better relief. Amitriptyline should be taken in one go at night so that might be better. Pregbalin is the newer version of Gabapentin so if they wanted to save money they could put you on that!. Your GP was wrong to say what he did, it undermines confidence!. Hope I've helped?.X


Sorry hear this, im.on amitripyline at night a 25mg pill plus a 10 go pharmacist kept changing mine so my rheumatologist has written to gp as he originally prescribed it.costs are in.need savings to then fund others but he should not have put that burden on you.

My friends take gabapentin they say it works very well. Hugs


Misty's right: it sounds like there are sound medical reasons for these changes, so mentioning the cost was not just unnecessary, but wrong. Slow-release medication has made a big difference - a good difference! - to me, so I hope it helps you just as well.


I am not familiar with the medications you mentioned but it is plain wrong to tell you that the saving will provide other patients with medication. For some reason, I thought the patient was in the driver's seat with the Physician as consultant. The patient is the person who needs to live in their body and the Physician gets to walk away after his pronouncement. Good luck Lorska.


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