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Changing hospitals

When I go to see a Rheumatologist I never see the same one twice as my hospital does not seem to be able to keep them. I got a letter saying ring to make an appt, I rang only to be told we can't give u one til the end of June, but I was due mid March. Was told to leave it with them, which I did. Rang again today as I havnt heard anything only to be told I have been put on a wait list. When enough people are on the list they will put another clinic on! My local hospital is Huddersfield.

I am wondering if I should ask my Gp to ask me to refer me to Leeds, Chapel Allerton, can anyone recomend this hospital?

At the moment I have a Dx of Undifferential conective tissue disease, Raynards and CFS, I am on Azathroprine and have lung damage. I have also been suffering from dry eyes. I think it's moving towards Lupus.

Thanks in advance

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There is a lupus clinic in Manchester royal infirmary

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I'm under the care of Prof Emerys team at Leeds and Ty are absolutely fantastic. I'm presently in hospital at Chapel Allerton and cannot praise them enough. All the doctors on his team are fab and take time to listen and understand. I'm from Halifax but have always attended Leeds for my rheumatology appointments x


That's good news, how often do u see them? I am on 6 monthly appts but as u see from my post that's not going to happen. I will go back to see the Gp, but mine has left so feeling abit unsure about a new one. I have so much going on I often feel like a hypocondriact. I spent 18 months being told it looked like MS, but a clear MRI ruled that out, although my old Gp was not convinced. I'm in Huddersfield so Leeds is easier to get to, although my husband will have to drive me as I can't drive that far as I have trouble with my grip and eyesight, is this normal?


My GP hasn't a clue when it comes to lupus! That's how I've ended up here in hospital! I usually have 6 monthly appointments but they also have an advice line which you can call if you have any concerns. If you ring the line they call you back within 48 hours and give you an urgent clinic appt if they feel it's necessary. I find it very reassuring as I'm sure you know the lupus symptoms are always weird and wonderful x



I am also under Prof Emery at Chapel Allerton with a possible diagnoses of Sjogrens Syndrome. I was due a follow up appointment at the beginning of April but have been told it's likely to be June/July before I get it. Apparently he has over 800 patients to deal with and we have to be patient patients. Having said that when I first went I only saw a Specialist Trainee not the Prof.

Hope this helps.

Sarah x


That's disgraceful. Write to your MP and the Chief Executive of your Health Board. I had to do this with an audiology appointment where I was told I would have to wait 2 Years for an assessment. I had the assessment within weeks and 2 New hearing aids. Money which had been given to the department for aids, had been earmarked for other purposes. The matter was taken up by my AM (I am in Wales) and C Ex.


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