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12 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and was prescribed the drug Fosamax ,then 2 yrs ago

I went for a bone density scan and was informed by the consultant that there was no sign of the

condition and I was taken off the drug .I said at the time I was not happy about this , to no avail.

About 9 months ago I started having pain in leg and left hip ,my GP says its nothing to do with the above

diagnosis , and a scan revealed that it was osteoarthritis ,all I was given in treatment was a Voltarol and

Ibugel gels . I am still in pain ,can anyone recommend anything other than drugs . Thanks.

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Hi Maggiemo

If your worried about your bone density you can always take calcium tablets. I hope you have always taken them as bone density can change over time!.X


Take magnesium to assist your body in take up of calcium and start weight bearing exercise :) see Robb Wolf's "the paleo solution" for more information on the chemical functions involved


I have osteoarthritis, its a degenerative disease and I don't take anything other than prescribed pain killers as and when needed. I take Adcal because my body doesn't make vitamin d any more, so I need the supplement and they were prescribed by the hospital.

The best person to ask is your gp although to my knowledge there isn't much can help osteoarthritis....maybe try to keep as fit as you can with gentle exercises. A physio might help


Thanks Chrisj


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