News re lupus & infections rates

I thought some of you would like to read this article:

Lupus: Hospitalizations for Infections Continue to Rise

Click for the full story:

I hope the link works - if not, try going to Today...its PR blurb says it "provides physicians and 'expert patients' real-time coverage of breaking medical news and the top stories in health and medicine.". I've found MedPage Today quite good over several years...

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  • You do realise that infection is the biggest killer in lupus patients?

  • makes sense!

    what intrigues me, is how loathe the drs i encounter seem to be re discussing this significance of infection

    how have you come to this conclusion: i am really truly seriously interested

    i have googled the question (main causes of death in lupus patients) and infection does regularly hit the top 3

    infection of various sorts has always (lifelong) been one of my biggest issues. so i research the subject and watch out for news flashes.

    am v glad of your reply

  • Well known..seen a few articles as to survival/mortality in Lupus patients. Morbid subject, I know..

  • thanks. morbid is sobering, but important to face, seems to me anyway

  • Acceptance? I agree though you shouldn't be worried sick.. :o)

  • Absolutely!

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