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heart failure

Hi.just wondering if anyone could help 6 months ago i was told i have heart failure.enlarge heart mural thrombosis. been put on a load of medication Ramipril 10mg.Bisoprol 5mg warfrin and load more.since this has all.happened i am so tired breathlessness feel like a zombie at times swelt ankles etc.and finding even cleaning my house.a strain..i was of work for 4 months work fulltime but i am.totally struggling some day .had anyone out there applied for dla or pip claim with this condition or would i be wasting my getting that tired i am thinking or cuttin my hour down ..thanks

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So sorry to hear that hollybear - 2 thoughts - have you been back to your GP/Consultant to have your medication reviewed because sometimes what suits one person doesn't suit another and they have to try a few things over time to find the combination that works for you. The other thing is that your employer should know about your condition and 'make reasonable adjustments' - sometimes that altering hours, perhaps working from home if that's possible, other work that's not so physical, or considering part time - talk to them and see what they say after all, they are not going to want to lose a valued member of staff. Heather

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Hi there I too was out

On warfarin and told

Hosp it was

Definitely the warfarin making

Me tired and exhausted although they disagreed after me

Constantly complaining they changed it to heparin and

Miraculously the fatigue has

Improved 100 per cent my gp said

Some people do react like this with warfarin I hope ur feeling


Soon x


PIP is based on how you health affects your everyday life. Be honest with yourself and if it causes issues like pain, swelling, inability, dizziness or whatever these should all be considered along with your docs prognosis. With PIP they want details so make lists that have all your MEDS and illnesses then show how you think each one affects you throughout your daily functions including those you can't do. They will have you fill out a very long form so be very thorough. Then you are given a meeting with an assessor where they visually check your responses to certain tasks as well as ask many questions that repeat what was on the form. Following that in a few weeks or maybe a bit longer they will let you know if you will get your PIP. The assessors job makes them seem disagreeable during your visit but just keep on telling them that you are in pain and can't function. In other words don't try to sound like it's ok and you can keep trying to do stuff when it's not really possible. Be aware PIP does not pay very much money. Good luck.


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