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Post op

Hey everyone ...Had my gall bladder removed wow what a weird after feeling ...I'm a get up and go type when my body allows and to be fair my lupus hasn't been too bad but I can't sleep it's driving him crazy as he can't settle worrying about me... Circulation is rubbish cramps are doing their usual ... I always had Ibs type symptoms but never been tested and wow since the op that's gone into over drive...I also did too much as I was feeling better at the beginning of third week of recovery and felt a weird sickening tare inside my tummy area, so that's set me back a bit...due back to work Monday so not looking forward to that...Think I'm just having a vent ...gentle hugs to all xxx

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Can I suggest that you have that 'tear' checked out. My daughter had exactly the same experience after her gall bladder op and had damaged some of the scar tissue. It set her recovery back.


Like Margaret has said I would definitely get the "tear" feeling checked out.The feeling might have settled down only to cause you bother in a few months.

I developed a Haeamatoma which is a collection of blood in the muscle after a gall bladder surgery. It didn't feel like a tear but was acutely painful.I had been doing too much too quickly I just had to lie still for a good couple of weeks and take painkillers and it eventually settled. You forget there is a lot of healing to go on inside even though the skin area outside looks ok.

Hope it will settle soon.

All the best, C x


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