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LDH High - LDH Is Not Bad Cholesterold - That Is LDL

When I posted the other day, several responses related to cholesterol. That would be LDL - the bad cholestero that should be under 100. LDH can relate to tissue damage, heart, kidneys and liver. The lab tech called me back yesterday and said the doctor said it was "OK." I'm thinking - 70 points higher than beginning of December does not sound "OK" to me. She then said the doctor ha dnot even been IN yesterday....I'm thinking he didn't even SEE the lab report. My PCP's nurse did as did my PCP. It appears I need another opinion. Fatiguye and lack of energy seems to be the norm for me nowadays. I am playing tennis still, but can't hit as hard and I tire easily. I will call my Primary today and see if and where he wants me to go next. My other suggestion to the lab tech, that appeared to be "protecting" her territory is to repeat the labs in 2 weeks. If they are still on an upward road - should I not try and find out why?? They are making me feel like an annoyance - I am trying to protect myself from a total collapse. The SLE and the ITP is enough to deal with -- what am I dealing with now????

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Sorry tennis... I haven't been feeling well either. So annoying. Feels like you get a new symptom all the time. I just realize I trust people too much and should do my own research. It is so hard to depend on the medical profession. Sometimes, I don't think they look at the numbers like we do. I notice that numbers are close to low or high end..should be checked as well. Who decides what is the normal range for each individual. Good luck and keep us informed.


Did they do your CK? If that's high, then it is a muscle issue. Sorry, I mistook LDH for LDL previously. Quick question - did you happen to exercise before you had the test?


I don't think the doctor ordered a CK. He decided to repeat it (LDH) again on Friday. The lab tech said the doctor "re-evaluated" the results - the 80 point higher in 4 weeks. Honestly, I think the first time he actually looked at my labs was yesterday. In answer to yor question re exercise - I did think about that - but I had the labs on Tuesday and I don't play tennis on Tuesday. All I did that morning was laundry and a quick floor mop. I'll mention the CK though...I did read about that too! I'm going to check back on more lab results that I have. They email them to me and I keep them in a file. Thanks, purple!


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