muscle cramps with leflunomide?

Hi my rheumy started me on Leflunomide in November along with my methotrexate. Ihave had muscle cramps in the past but these are making life really difficult.I have them in my arms and legs-like the growing pains i used to have as a child. My hands and fingers tingle and my arm muscles have gotten really weak,i've been dropping things a lot more lately.Has anyone on Leflunomide had any of these symptoms?

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  • Hi Kate, are you sure it's the meds? I had all these symptoms before I was diagnosed with SLE or on any meds.

  • Hi, my doc isn't sure either.I tried calling the rheumy nurse but cant get a hold of her so he has recommended i stop it until we speak to her.Still struggling, its horrible so uncomfortable. Thank you. i will l let you all know how i get on

  • I'm not on these meds but am aware of similar pains in my arms and physio has given me exercises to help rebuild muscles

  • Leflunomide gave me severe peripheral neuropathy after about 3-4 months. They described it as glove and stocking ... my hands (almost to the elbow) and feet (almost to the knee) would either go completely numb or I'd get bad pins and needles.

    I had to stop taking it immediately and had to do a chemical washout (can't remember the name of it). Took about 3 months, but all the symptoms went away.

  • Thankyou. I will contact doctor .

  • I get muscle cramps everywhere. My legs, ankles, calves, fingers, arms, etc. I take 200 mg of Quinine, which I order from Canada. Without the Quinine I would not be able to walk or pick up a glass. My hematologist prescribes it and understands. Lots of doctors won't give you a script for it because, like every other med, it can cause side effects. I know personally how devastating and embarrassing the cramping can be. Talk to your hematologist about the Quinine. You may even be able to get it in the UK. Most of my meds that I order from Canada are shipped thru the UK. Nothing will help other than the Quinine.

  • thanks i already am on Plaquenil

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