I have been suffering with rashes and itchy skin for almost 2 years now. I take antihistamines and sometimes need them twice daily. I have been referred to a Dermatologist but appointment not for another month.

I have Raynauds, diagnosed in 2007. Since Christmas and before I have a poor sleep pattern, wake up with pins and needles in hands and sometimes all down one side. I have aches all over, neck and shoulders mostly and suffer with low back pain. I wake up hot several times through night and having bloods checked to see if that's menopause related. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on how am feeling. Apologies if on wrong forum. Thank you for reading. Leezals.

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Hello sorry hear that,glad see you finally been referred to a dermatologist.......can not advise what it is.

but just wish you best for dermatology appointment take photo with you in case it calms before appointment.

I waited while see dermatology due lack a dr taking charge and referring me got seen fast tests and treatment diagnosis.

I have rashes but yours not like mine.........all best


Hi Leezals

You could see if you can bring your Dermatology Appt forward by asking to be considered for a cancellation. It has worked for me. Good luck for when u go, they'll be able to help you I'm sure. X


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