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Think Iv got a bug

Went to London for the weekend with the grandkids we came back home back earlie as one of them felt ill

I went to bed at 5pm yesterday and haven't mooved

Had such a bad head had a cold wet flannel on my forehead all nite its just easing off

And joints throbbing

Iv bin diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago im not sure what a flare up is it has never ever bin explained

Can anyone please explain simply please about flare ups

Many thanks all

All Lesley


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I believe that all flares, although similar, do become an individual experience. We learn to recognize it coming which helps to deal with. Mine start with a feeling of just needing to be left alone in a quiet space, I am very tired to begin with and just lay still. This is usually followed up with headaches, nauseau and facial swelling and then rash. The first time it was about 4 months before treatment - now I get on it fast and within a month I am feeling more normal.

Merry Christmas Everyone


Hi loves x merry Xmas evening x

I ended up in hospital this morning with a chest infection all sorted out now

Thanks so much for you're kind reply

Take care and keep well in 2015x


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