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Benefits of Epsom Salts Blog Post

Benefits of Epsom Salts Blog Post

Hey guys

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season.

One of my New years resolutions is to put more time love and affection into my blog as it give me an escape from the the stress of the doctors appointment, and of course the never ending symptoms that comes with having Lupus.

Reading the bogs of other lupus sufferers has also been a great help to me si i do intend to dedicate a number of posts to help people with any illness not just Lupus life a productive life and feel fabulous.

I have just published a post about the benefits of Epsom Salts which has helped so much with my joint and muscle pain. I have raved about it on this forum before and I would appreciate it if you could check out the blog and let me know your thoughts.


I would also love to hear about any home remedy's or tricks that you use to help make your condition more bearable

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Wotshername....right there with you!!! Positive thoughts. Totally believe in Epsom salt baths. Just got one with lavender for calming. Just don't do it enough. Keep sharing! I believe we are all helping each other tremendously!



I've started using these too, especially sitting with my feet in it.

Like Natura I've been using scented ones. I make my own up lol. I mix it with things like essential lavender oils etc and store in bottles but a few drops in the bath would do. A bit aromatherapy added in eh x


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