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Lichen planus overlap SLE

Have recently seen my GP & dentist about a particularly nasty infected bit of gum that developed from one of my life long characteristic recurring areas of inflammation & ulceration. I've been with this very good dentist for 4 years since my treatment for systemic lupus & sicca syndrome began. I added mycophenolate to my daily meds last January, and since then I've had less of these recurring oral mucosa manifestations, which I've been managing & minimising via prescription topical steroids & meticulous oral hygiene routines + dental clinic monitoring etc. Now my dentist is telling me it looks like I have lichen impression is that she has been suspecting LP for quite some time....which kinda fits as my skin rashes have the characteristics of lichen planus/SLE overlap syndrome. But in 2006-10, before my lupus diagnosis, local NHS dental surgery & dermatology depts had just been diagnosing me with Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica.

Whatever, that bit of infection cleared thanks to 7 days of amoxycillin 500mg, and now I'm booked to see a periodontist early in the new rheumatology clinic refers patients to this periodontist, who should have some experience of SLE. Apparently candidiasis isn't at issue in my case. But I have been on 400mg hydroxy daily, which I understand can give rise to LP, although my symptoms had been occurring well before I began hydroxy 4 years ago. Am not feeling too anxious, because I've been managing Lichen Sclerosus for years (diagnosed by the nhs well before my version of lupus was recognised) via the ultra high dose topical steroid dermovate & a daily emulsifying regime. I figure: what's one more Lichen?! (Joke)

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear from anyone on forum who has experience of LP and its management. I understand myco is one LP treatment, and I wonder if anyone else has found myco helps keep LP in check. I see my gp this week & rheumatology later this month, so am just trying to prepare

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HI - I was diagnosed with Lichen planus long before being diagnosed with SLE. I use a steriod mouthwash which you hold in your mouth for 5 minutes, which I get on prescription, when the soreness is really bad. I have had 3 biopsies over the past 6 years as the dentist just keeps an eye on the problem and if they are concerned refer me for another biopsy. Not pleasant but puts my mind at rest that it hasn't developed into something more serious like mouth cancer.


Thanks prescilla...I like your way of thinking: keep the condition damped down & regularly monitored. I'll find out about steroid mouthwashes.


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