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Trying to stay calm

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all having a good day today :-)

Well, after visiting the surgeon again last week it was decided to graft my leg to try and heal the ulcer, this is fine I've had three of these operations before in the past . He is also going to take samples to test for diseases linked to Lupus at the same time, again great news, he said waiting time would be anything up to April next year.

Took a call on Tuesday from his secretary and I'm booked in for next Wednesday, have had a lot of operations in the past but for some reason this one has thrown me into panic. Once again my employer has not been very sympathetic either so that hasn't helped, not to mention financial implications on the run up to Christmas, all in all I'm trying to stay calm and put things into perspective so I don't 'flare' before the operation.

Sorry for the moan but I know at least here people will have some understanding of how I'm feeling.

(take a deep breath and exhale)

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Just reread your previous post on antibiotics where you mentioned that your d3 level was low.

D3 is said to provide protection against colds, flu, infections and viruses. If your level is low you may benefit from increasing it. Google high dose d3.

I have been taking 5000iu most days for a few weeks now and I can see a visible difference in my nails as the new growth comes through. I am taking it together with 1000mg vit c.

In this time I have had the starting of finger ulcers when the skin cracks and gets infected. But none have really taken hold.

Maybe it might be useful for your leg ulcer


Thanks, I've been taking a D3 supplement and the ulcer is looking better than it has done for a long time, I think this is why the surgeon was keen to get me in quickly, funnily I didn't think about the link between the two until you just mentioned it.

I will certainly continue with the D3 supplement and may add Vit C to the equation, anything is worth a try, thank you x


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