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Hey Every one

Please call DWP and ask them to send you a copy of the report that was made during your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment even if you are happy with the outcome.

Then you can check for any incorrect info and also put it down for when you have your renewal.

I just received my notes from my assessment and which I am happy with unfortunately I was unable to see the notes from my previous assessment as I should have asked for them within a specific time period (No one told me this).

I dread to think what the guys recorded in my original assessment as I was awarded 8 points for daily living and 4 points for mobility

•Daily living 8 points

•Mobility 16 points

But this time around I have been awarded:

•Daily living 22 points

•Mobility 4 points

My original assessment was a year previous because a reassessment is basically doing the whole application again!

I have since been diagnosed with Hepatitis B core antibody, Inflammatory, Connective Tissue Disease and Myositis. However I was suffering from the symptoms at the time of my original assessment and was in the process of getting tests done.

I suppose if they contacted the medical professionals who’s details I provided they would have been told this. According to my report medical professionals were not contacted in this instance either.

I am still waiting for my confirmation email however I noticed that a payment was deposited into my account from the DPW at the higher rate.

I’m happy that we got there in the end little disappointed that it took a year!

Please everyone make photocopy’s of anything you send to them and if possible send via a traceable method.

I’m generally quite an assertive person but my mother is a really bossy boots. I made sure she came with me to my doctors’ appointments to help me get letters detailing my condition –For Free! I’m not sure if you can do this but it’s worth a try.

And make sure you request the report of the assessment!!

Good luck and good health

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Totally agree, always get the assessment report.

As for Dr's letters, my Dr. is very supportive and happily writes about my condition & daily effects without charge. I know some do charge though.



Hi wotshernameagain , thank you for that information. Anything to help with this process is good! But I do have a question for you, I have applied for PIP back in August and have a letter saying that they are processing it, but since I applied things have changed....On the original application I was having tests... (a liver biopsy), of which I now have the results and it has been confirmed that along with Lupus I also have Autoimmune Hep....I am also on different meds now-high dose steroids-where as before I could not take the steroids as it would have masked the outcome of the biopsy. So my question is....should I write a note to the PIP outlining all of these changes to be taken into condsideration? My daily living needs are still just as bad, even though I am now on steroids-somedays I can barely get out of bed!! What do you think? Your kind advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Julie



give them a call and tell them that you will be submitting further info to support your application and post it to them along with photocopy’s of any prescriptions, doctors letters you may have, I would also give them a call after a few days to make sure they have received the information and put it on the system.

When you have your assessment you should also let the person assessing you know so they can include it in their report


Thank You!!! I was just going to write it in, but now you have said to ring them it really makes if I just send it in it could well get lost and never end up with my original claim. Once again Thanks Juliex

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