Another bad weekend

As everyone on here knows, one of the lovely afflictions that I carry with me is regular explosive abscesses. I have recently had a bit of a run of them, mostly minor and capable to be self-cared,, this weekend presented a first though, a small abscess presented itself on my lower abdomen, not much bigger than a penny piece but oh my was the little bugger painful and also caused me some internal discomfort. Anyway I sat there in the bath tonight and over the course of around 3 min saw it swell to a head and explode!! Good I thought now for some relief, but oh no........ now the internal pain that comes and goes is quite unbearable, Dr's for me in the morning then.

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Hi Adrian

I know just how you feel as I too have suffered from these abscesses for more years than I care to mention. I was put on an antibiotic called metronidazole (sorry about the spelling) and it has been a god send I have been taking it for a number of years and while I do still get them I get them fewer and not to the stage where I was having them cut out along with glands, so I hope that might give you some renewed hope.

Regards and best wishes

angus 50

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Apart from the very worst ones I refuse to be cut anymore, I tend to have to cope with an extended course of erythromycin whenever I get a flare. the last time I was cut they laid me open from my coxis to my second rib and stripped away glands and nerves and told me that I wouldn't get anymore that was a promise that was proved wrong inside a month


Hi Adrian

So sorry to hear that everything so far has been useless I do hope that you get some kind of resolution and that life gets easier I know how uncomfortable and debilitating they can be, so my thoughts are with.

Best wishes

Angus 50


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