Shingles & Postherpetic Neuraligia

Hi, I have SLE & have had Shingles for 4 wks now due to stress. Yesterday, I was told I have Postherpetic Neuralagia to add to my long list of conditions including Antiphosoplid Syndrome, Retinal Ischemia, Rayneuds, Arthritis.

I'm choosing to remain positive but does anyone have any advice about preventing Shingles or treatments for that & Postherpetic Neurlagia pls?

I've been advised that my Immuno med - Mycophenalate may have triggered the shingles.

Stay positive!

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Hi there MagSLE, I also have SLE and PHN. I caught shingles within two months of having a kidney transplant. Depressed immunity caused by meds, like MMF can make you more susceptible to shingles. I've got PHN down my left side but it's slightly different in everyone. It's best dealt with by a Pain Clinic as they will be able to prescribe the meds you need rather than a GP who is watching his budget rather than your health! Your GP or Lupus doctors should refer you - there may be a wait, but its worth it. Keep well xx


Hi Kate, thanks for quick reply & info. Stay positive!


I java phn and have been dealing with it for 5 years. I take neurontin and Cymbalta for it. I still have some pain that breaks though but overall it's better than when it first occurred. I couldn't eat or sleep. I see a neurologust for the pain. My pain is on my face which is harder to control bc of all the nerves that are there. I hope you get some relief


Hi, thanks for the info. I hope you find the strength to cope with the pain. I will have to as well. I wish you well!


Hi all :) I had the shingles 3 different times and areas in 2008. It was a LONG year! Neurontin helped me with the PHN, but the Lidocaine patches help me more. The Lyrica you seem to have to stay on, keep the levels up in your body, and it is supposed to, I guess take the edge off. But those patches bring immediate relief, at least to me. I'm wear 4 as I write this. 4 for 12 hours out of 24 is my limit, per pain management doc. I hope this helps someone



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