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Wisdom tooth growing out at 31, that normal?

Hello all my Lupus friends. As I mentioned in my title, my top right wisdom tooth just erupted, and I am 31, (I will be 32 in exactly 18 days.) Before I got braces in my early twenties, I got 2 panoramic x-rays from my orthodontis, as well as my regular dentist. The X-rays showed the top wisdom teeth so deep within my gums that both dentists assured me that if they haven't grown out by then, they will never grow out because of my age. I was 24. I am curious to know your opinions, whether it's normal or not. I have read some info about systemic diseases such as Lupus having an impact on teeth. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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For some people wisdom comes with age. Although my wisdom teeth haven't yet appeared and I am a few years in advance of you.

Maybe thats telling me something :-)

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