Pregnent and had a lupus flare

Hay to all just Wonted to post that I'm 32 weeks pregnent at the moment at about 29 weeks I was feeling awful my joints were hurting I was pucking and sleping loads, I new lupus was acting up again so I payed a visit to the A&E and they keep me in for obs told me I had a pregnency flear and increased my steroids and injected me with an steroid injection. Felt a lot better aweek later, but nw symptoms are comming back and feel the pain again? Also had loads of scan and they told me babys not growing as well also got a mature plercenter? Anyone had this Befor? Or experienced anything like this with there baby? Thank you

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Yes me, my daughter is now 30, I was in the final stages of pregnancy, and my baby was losing wieght in my womb, I had problems with my placenta, please dont worry, u are in the best place, and from now on, you and baby will be monitered, when you have your baby, I strongly recomend a course of vit b injections, 5 injections within 15 days, the boost in energy, is brilliant, and lasts for a good 6 months, I wish you and ur baby all the very best xxx p.s I went on to a site for lupus, and there I read many lupus sufferers have the vit b course of injections, all felt brilliant


Do I ask my gp for the vit b injection? Or my consultant? Went for a scan to LGI in leeds babys 3 pounds at 32 weeks and 2 days , she is small but got 3 weekly scans to monitor her and her growth. Thank you for ur reply


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