False eyelashes

False eyelashes

Just thought I'd share this with you al. My eyelashes like my hair Is awful. A colleague recommend these natural false eyelashes which she Informed ladies going through chemo or have lost their lashes use. The glue is hypoallergenic, they are very light and easy to apply. I hate the bristle very fake ones on the market so these are Idea. I have not had any reactions to the glue and didn't feel heavy on my lids. They are by eylure naturals. 0.15 for approx fiver and are reusable. Will be Ideal for my wedding next year.

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  • They look really natural.

  • Nicek lulabelle...I have hardly any eyelashes left...very thin and missing a long my eyelid...good to know. Thanks for sharing

  • Hi, my rehashes were awful. Then somebody told me about Rapid Lash which is basically a serum you paint in. Boots sell it but it is about Β£42 but Amazin do it for Β£21 which is a massive saving. Anyway, you paint the clear liquid on at night (but I do mornings too) and just wait. Honestly, the results are staggering. Eyelashes grow thick and healthy, it is like a little miracle. I used to be so embarrassed about mine but now I have gorgeous long eyelashes. It takes about a month to see noticeable progress, but after 2 wow! Give it a go. They also do one for eyebrows too. It has changed my life in a very small way for the better. Xx

  • It looks lovely

  • Thanks Ijeasike for your post and I presume you have not had any reactions?

    Will check this out now on amazon. Thanks x

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