I got lupus 2 month ago 24 years I am not from UK but I came to london two week ago cause am student in UK I am diabetec and the lupus hit my kidney. I learn a lot of thing about how to live with lupus with my doctors In home country and UK but it will be better if I had a chat with a person who can give me some advice BTW lupus is rare and noncommon in my country. I hope u understand my weak English language .. And thanks for helping me.

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  • Hi,

    You say you are 24? If so, we would be happy to welcome you to our lupus support group for young people that meets in London. The next meeting is actually this Sunday and you can find details on our website here -

  • Hi,

    I will be there

    Thank Regards


  • Hi, keep reading on this site. It helps us all just to share. Go to the support group if it's near you. We are all different and that is also the way of this condition ,no 2 people are alike. Good luck to you.

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