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September's Blog (Part 2) - Heidi's experience of pregnancy with lupus

September's Blog (Part 2) - Heidi's experience of pregnancy with lupus

Continuing with our topic for September and October - lupus and pregnancy - Heidi has written about her pregnancy. Thank you Heidi for taking the time to write this for us.

I had a fantastic pregnancy; it was the best I have felt in years! I was so worried that I would have problems conceiving or even worse face miscarriages following my diagnosis of systemic lupus in June 2012. Luckily I managed to get my symptoms well under control by September 2013 and my rheumatologist gave me and my husband the nod to start trying; luckily we caught straight away.

All of a sudden my hair was thickening, my joints were ache free and I had lots of energy! I maintained the medication I was on prior to pregnancy (steroids & Hydroxychloroquine mainly, having stopped azathioprine 6 months prior to trying for a baby). I was seen every four weeks at the hospital to monitor my pregnancy closely. They gave me aspirin and a blood thinning injection to take daily during pregnancy and for 6 weeks after. I also had regular scans to check my baby's growth and blood flow.

I had my gorgeous son, Logan, on the 6th of June at 39 weeks and 1 day. The hospital was great and he was delivered by forceps after a slightly tricky labour due to his heart rate dropping throughout - however he is perfect.

He is now 13 weeks and I can say I love being a mum. Unfortunately since giving birth I have been flaring; my main symptoms are tiredness, hair loss and aches. The hospital has upped my meds, but I'm still having the symptoms. After feeling so good for 9 months it's a pain, but I look at my son and it's all worth it, hopefully if I'm lucky enough to have another in the future I will have the same luck and feel great again!

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