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Question Help!

Could any of you assist me with these couple of questions?

firstly i came of sted's Nov 13 praying for a decent nights sleep which never came about. My Consultant, when i explained that i am now becoming insomniac sent me to see an occupational therapist who i am currently working with. However, this has left me with noticeable dark circles under my eyes! I am getting married next May and want to reduce the darkness and start on any remedies now. Apart from cover makeup any ideas?

secondly, in work they have introduced new computers at 23inch screens. I informed our Admin that I would need a new anti glare screen and they provided me 2 weeks ago with a 19 inch privacy screen with some reduced anti glare? Suffice to say this isn't any good. I have been suffering with more migraine headaches, an ache over my left eye reducing my eye to a squint and it has exacerbated my eye problems from the lupus and ss. Could any of you recommend suitable anti glare screens that work could order that are reasonably prices?

Thanks, Lulabelle x

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For the dark circles, Bobby Brown indeed eye corrector. I'm usually blue/black around the eyes and this stuff works a treat! I'm sorry I can only help with the slightly more trivial issues but I hope you enjoy your day!

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