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Cell Cept Weight Gain

Has anyone experienced weight gain from taking cell cept? I've been taking 3000 mg for about a year and I have gained 10 lbs. I am not able to lose the weight even though I am eating a mostly plant-based diet, no dairy, and try to stick to 1300 calories per day.

Also, I am not sure cell cept has helped that much. The number of good days to bad days hasn't been that much better than before starting it, though my symptoms are perhaps not as severe. I see my rheumatologist next month and will talk to her more about this. Would appreciate any feed back. Thanks!

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No, I actually lost weight with it (although now stabilised). But we react so differently to drugs.


Hi marfarm, I took cellcept for two years and I was 8st 12 when I started and when I my rheumy took me of them as it didn,t seem to help me much, I weighed 10st 7lb. I had a break for 9months and then he decided to try me with it again and for some reason this time I had bad reaction , bad throat, fever and lost my voice for two weeks, felt pretty grotty, so now off them my weight seems to be slowly coming down. I am due to start methotrexate injections next week (not looking forward to that as have to self inject) we will see what happens there weight wise. I understand it doesn't affect everyone like this , I suppose its the nature of lupus we are all different and react in different ways. I hope you get some answers. hope this helps a little . god luck , take care.


ihave been on cellcept for 7years and am now two and half stone heavier. lots of other medication as well the latest being naproxen


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