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Increased Energy tips

Hi all,

I just wanted to share some things that have really helped me feel more human again!! I suffered from reallllllyyyyy low energy levels, but I went to see a nutritionist who specialises in nutritional medicine and helping immune problems. After a series of tests to see how my body deals with the food I eat, he recommended I give up gluten. I've always been a healthy eater, but I'm partial to a gluten filled treat every now and again so I was pretty worried about doing it. However, after just a few weeks I started to feel a big difference. It hasn't been without it's challenges, but now, 6 months in I feel like a new person and don't pln to ever go back! I noticed added benefits when also giving up dairy, but for me (a massive foody!) I found it too dificult to give up both. I have cut down on dairy hugely though, and now have almond milk rather than cows milk and use a dairy free sunflower spread instead of butter. I had my appointment at St Thomas' this week and they couldn't believe how well I am. I am in remission!

Secondly, in the last couple of weeks I started taking Maca Powder after a friend said she was bouncing off the walls with energy. I feel like a new person! I can last the whole day with ease now, and the other day I had some friends round for the evening and laughed more than I have in months as I feel so happy, energetic and full of life. It's also given my sex drive a huge boost, which had been dwindling away with the fatigue so my husband is loving it too!

I know it may not work for everyone, but I thought I'd share just in case it helped a couple of people.


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Hi lilliekinz,

You sound really well. Can I ask what your diagnosis is? Are you on any medication?

I have a diagnosis of 'likely SLE' and have been suffering from low energy levels too. On 400 hydroxychloroquine and have had depo medrone. I did some internet researching and have read a lot about gluten and lupus but also dairy. I asked my rheumatologist about it and she suggested I try going gluten free. She wouldn't have suggested it had I not asked. Well I am 8 weeks in and have noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels. Am now able to cope with my 7 and 2 year olds. It took about 5 weeks before I saw any difference though. I am informed that it takes 6 weeks to rid it from your system. I have also started vitamin d as the symptoms of deficiency can be joint pains and fatigue and we are all deficient in this part of the world. Am intending to Try giving up dairy too. Not heard about Maca though so will look into that! Was supposed to have started methotrexate but have delayed that as I am improving without it.

Thanks for sharing!


This sounds amazing Lilliekinz - well done you! I am off all my RA meds now with my rheumy's blessing. It's going okay so far although generally they say that RA, like Lupus, doesn't fully go away ever but I'm ignoring this and hoping to be the exception!

Only thing is that my energy levels are still low and I've been gluten free for over three years - around the time when my RA first kicked off at start of 2011.

I also drink mostly almond milk now and have little dairy and avoid refined sugar, caffeine and booze most of the time. If I say "never" then I know I'll just crave them more! This has helped me lose a lot of weight and also reduced my IBS and gallstone bother significantly.

A few years ago I took up exercising on my Nintendo Wii Fit everyday for 30 minutes as well as walking the dogs daily.

All this has taken me so far - as have AdCal D3 tablets and B12 and now magnesium-B complex - all researched by me re autoimmunity.

But one thing that started before RA and has worsened is the burning pins and needles in my arms and legs and strange hot and cold sensations in peripheries. It is surprisingly painful and I'm trying to find the cause - been troubling me for a year now along with very dry eyes.

My rheumy thinks this is small fibre neuropathy and probably relates to systemic inflammation. I'm trying really hard to get on top of this too so I can get better sleep and remain relatively drug free because I've been very intolerant of drugs such as Hydroxichloraquine, Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine.

Can you tell me what Maca Powder is and where you get it from please?

Warmest, Twitchy


So glad you feel so energised. I know gluten and dairy are my enemy,lol, but I lack the energy to maintain the diet - I need a chef :-) I will have to try again though as I'm sleeping my life away, plus I have children who would like their mum to do more.

Did your nutritionist mention anything about caffeine ? xx


I'm not a nutritionist but from all the research I've done, caffeine is basically the enemy! It can cause inflammation and can lead you to feel like you can manage more than you're actually able to due to the buzz. Not a great combination!

I'm dairy free too (intolerance) and trying to cut out gluten too. It's not much help that my GP refuse to discuss alternative medications or even ways of coping as all my medication contains lactose so even though I avoid it everywhere else I'm still getting a drip feed twice a day of dairy poison. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative meds or brands of the same meds manufactured without lactose? I'm on Warfarin and Hydroxychloroquine.


I have been on dairy, gluten and sugar free diet for a few years and felt really good but because I was not able to put on weight i went back on both. I try not to have too much of them now, especially the sugar but it is hard. I love bread. Anyway, right now feel a little unwell so trying to limit all three again.


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