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prescription charges petition

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Going back to my recent post about prescription charges, those of you who are interested may want to follow the link to sign a petition to end unfair charges for people with long term conditions.


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Have signed. Fingers crossed xx

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Thank you for sharing this. I buy an annual prepayment card but as I don't work, it's an extrta expense we could really do without. It just seems unfair that there are some conditions where you get free prescriptions and some you don't (such as lupus and its friends!).

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onamission in reply to SjogiBear

I also pay a pre paid prescription £104.00 per year I have COPD and need my inhalers I think it is unfair Wales and Scotland get free prescriptions.

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farmerfester in reply to onamission

Scotland runs it's own nhs and it operates in a way to benefit it's patients free prescription at pick up point is just one thing thats different fro nhs England

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onamission in reply to farmerfester

Yes Wales gets free prescriptions as well it is a shame the welch assembly don't build a good hospital they farm them out and have been known not to pay the bill

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All signed - and thank you for sharing it !!

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