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Hot Flushing

I no the weather has been v hot lately, but wonder if anyone else is going through same as me, I am continually getting these v hot flushing it seems to be worse when I need to head to the toilet, its almost like my body is telling me I need to go before my brain kicks in, I am well past menopause so def not that, the hot sweats shows worse particularly on my face where moisture is clearer to see but my whole body feels far to hot but when I take my blood pressure there is no rise so not that. Also am sleeping badly at night waking up quite often the only med that gets me through longer periods is nytol but wake up in a fog in the morning, any help appreciated, should I see my doctor really do not want to bother her if it is all part of my sle lupus

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I have been reading loads of stuff that suggest that those things may indicate a thyroid issue. Even if you are lucky enough to get a thyroid test done its really unusual to be someone who gets a positive result.

With such things in mind, and feeling a degree of despair at our mainstream medical offerings, I started to read a bit for myself.

Thyroid/iodine deficiencies can often be related. So to ensure that you are getting enough iodine rich foods in your diet might help.

That's sea vegetables ie kelp, fish and or seafood, eggs, watercress. This are things you will be able to test out for yourself without needing to get anything signed off by a doctor.


Thanks will try


I too am getting hot flushes at night, night sweats I believe they are called and common with SLE . Had one last night, sweaty, felt sick, felt like I needed a no.2 too! was then sick after a few minutes, 5 mins later I felt better and that was it for the night, this morning I am fine all be it a little tired!

I havnt found anything to stop or ease them though so would be interested if anyone else knows of something!


What about daytime do u still get them then.


When I was in the worst of a flare up last year, I suffered hot flushes and night sweats - day and night. It was often accompanied by dizziness and feeling sick. It has got better as with the help of hydroxy I am virtually out of that flare and those symptoms have nearly gone. They aren't pleasant and I often didn't sleep well and that made the brain fog and headaches etc worse the next day. I hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms very soon. (By the way, I didn't have thyroid issues when tested).


Apparently not many do though. That may be something to do with the guidelines for being considered an active case in this country though.

The testing process might be a more trustworthy indicator if all countries adopted the same pas/fail indicators. But there are cases of people who are shown to have thyroid issues in Germany who are passed as all clear in the UK.

Pfft. Isn't it a wonderful thing to be able to trust in the medical profession.


Was reading on other sources of iodine. Jacket potatoes have some in their skin. Its in cheese and also in navy/haricot/baked beans.

So a jacket potato with cheese and beans might be a good meal to incorporate into the diet.

Also in yoghurt, fresh cranberries and strawberries.


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