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Eye opener#

I have to say it is such an exhilerating feeling to know that i'm not a hypochondriac, attention seeking phony! I know you all suffer and have highs and lows JUST LIKE ME!!! I've always felt so alone and useless for the 14YRS that i've been diagnosed. My husband doesn't believe in support groups so i've never joined one. I've just been told by my rhuematologist that what I thought was a fibromyalgia flare up is actually my SLE progressing. That's why I decided to look up support. I'm so glad I did. Expect to see me here often :)

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Welcome Kimdarren, you will like it here.


This is a very supportive place Kimdarren, you will be amazed how many people understand your experiences. I never feel like a whiny old hypochondriac. on here.


Those who don't suffer with it haven't a clue! My husband just lets me do whatever I feel I need to do, now - support groups, complementary help, natural healing, whatever, because I was at death's door at one point and now I have some sort of life, if not complete health. He wasn't like that to start with, but somehow I found the spirit to stand up to him and do what was right for me - not easy!

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Hi Kim, welcome onboard :) It was the same for me when I first joined and like Cann do whats best for you, he doesn't have the illness


I'm new to the blog, best thing I've ever done. Welcome


The most positive thing I did when I was first diagnosed with Scleroderma, Lupus and Sjogren's was attend a conference in Dublin. I met other people like me who didn't go, 'Sclero... What?' And then tell me they knew all about Lupus because they'd seen it on House, quickly followed by 'But you don't look that bad...just get on with it.' Etc.

I found the whole day very positive and encouraging. Seeing people who were getting on with things, learning about treatments, lifestyle tips etc. this website is also very helpful. There are other sites that depress the life out of me so I've learnt to avoid those! Take the support where you can find it !


Depression. Forgetfulness, Foggy head high suicide rate..

Weak tired chills itchy head .will continue later


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