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Lupus rash and sling pigmentation

I have a rash on my face and it is now getting worse. The patches are getting darker and darker. I have been to the dermatologist who gave me azelaic acid and betamentasone cream to use since 2011. It faded away for some time but keeps coming back. I do moisturise and tone with Olay products. I have also used aloe Vera gel but to avail!!! Can anyone suggest anything different as this is making me shy away from social events or being in public as my face is getting more and affected. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks so much and take care xx

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I use a very good coverage foundation. Do you have any photos?


Hi, thanks for the reply. I have the courmaflage foundation and powder which I use. It's only that at times when am in a hurry I don't apply it the realise that my face is not that good which makes me feel sad. I always think people are looking at my face! I don't have recent photos, will get one one and post it. Take care x


Hi I have exactly the same... seeing my lupologist on Wed will let you know what she suggests, I am told that the pigmentation patches are not as bad as what i think but... it does make me self conscious.

take care and i try to stay out of the sun and wear factor 50

Best wishes


I have pretty bad skin pigmentation too. I never had a peaches and cream complexion as I had freckles as a kid, which faded only to be replaced by patches of dark spots. I have tried lightening creams and even tried to get laser which I was turned away from due to sun sensitivity. I now use a tinted base primer and then foundation. I find that helps to even skin out and only adds a few minutes to regime. Its the illness of profit for beauty companies thats for sure. Wish I could buy shares!!


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