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Getting rid of cold please help arghhhhhh

As we all know with our weak immune system the stupid thing doesn't no whats good or bad so fights of absolutely jack all so I have this cold and have done for some time however I now have the left over cough and am struggling to shift that any ideas home remedies forget doctors they see me every week so don't want to turn up just for a cough so please help

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I always reduce my intake of oil, wheat and dairy products at such times. It seems to help.

For a yucky tongue drink water or hot water with lemon juice. Add honey if the throat is sore. When my nose is really bunged up, (more than usual) I use Sterimar.

Old fashioned remedies are really good. Vicks menthol vapour rub is really good. Some people put a little on the soles of babies feet when they are unwell. I do that as well as applying it more conventionally


When I start to feel the sore throat coming on and my glands swelling, I immediately take vit c and zinc daily. Clears up in a couple of days. I think that is if its just swollen glands and slight sore throat. I find that it works when I am run down and start to feel unwell. I stop as soon as I feel better because I try to keep that balance of not too much immune support since we are autoimmune...hope you feel better..overnight has some great ideas..honey and such..


Personally I reduce dairy produce as it makes me produce more pheglm and catarrah. You could try goats milk products. I also try to have fresh vege juices including more raw garlic, raw ginger and cayenne pepper all of which I put into my juicing machine. The vampires will certainly stay away! Hope this helps.


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