June's Blog (Part 2) - Sarah's experience of working with lupus

June's Blog (Part 2) - Sarah's experience of working with lupus

Hi everyone. The second part of this month's blog has been written by Sarah. She has shared her experiences of working with lupus. Thank you so much Sarah for taking the time to write your story for us.

My name is Sarah and I've had lupus since I was 15 and I'm now 33. I suffer with severe skin rashes that affect everywhere on me, apart from the middle of my legs!

I work as an office manager for a very busy bar/restaurant/night club. Last year I had a very bad time with my lupus (it was awful and I looked terrible), but with the support from my bosses and fellow colleagues I still got on with my job. Yes, there are times when I'm really stiff and come into work late, there are times when my skin is so bad, sore and itchy people stare and make comments but my bosses still make me laugh - they have no problem with me having to take time off or go for a doctor’s appointment or blood test. If I didn't have that security with my job I'm not sure how I would have coped last year.

Previously I worked in a vets. The stress of my job and the lack of co-operation from my bosses made my life very difficult - in fact it made me nearly have a nervous breakdown. I had to leave my position and have some time out, then seek new employment a few months later. Since leaving that veterinary position, every job I have had (and there has been a few) have been most accommodating with my lupus. I would just like to thank the staff at the Hotel Victoria Newquay and I would really like to thank my bosses at The Chy Bar & Kitchen Newquay for all their support over the years. I will keep working for a long as I can with my lupus because I won't let it beat me.

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We'll be continuing to share people's lupus stories for July and August. We'd now like people to share their stories about going on holiday whilst living with lupus and any challenges this created. If you'd like to share your story, please email it to

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Sarah, sounds like you've really lucked out finding The Chy Bar & Kitchen Newquay - and good on them for recognising the person and not the illness! But good on you, too, for remaining so positive and for fighting the illness the way you are doing. Thanks so much for sharing your story.


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