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swollen and sore feet

hello everyone, I have had the most horrible swollen feet for the past few days and my ankle joints are so sore it is really hard to walk! been to see my wonderful GP and she is doing an urgent blood test first thing tomorrow morning to see what is going on. I am resting and keeping them elevated but it is still hard to walk! I am newly diganosed so I am going with flow and getting used to taking each day as it comes! love Carol xx

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I have the same at the moment but I know mine is because I have had to put my tocilizumab infusion off for a week due to a bad cold and I know it will soon be gone. I hope you find a solution to yours. So glad to hear you are being positive and just taking each day as it comes - its the best way to deal with it. x


Hi ulsterchick61,

You may find our factsheet about lupus and the feet helpful -

I hope that your GP can help you get to the bottom of it quickly.

As you are newly diagnosed, would you find it helpful to receive one of our free information packs? If you'd like one, just send me a private message, or email with your address.


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