Trying not to get upset

Doing yoga this morning....could only do 20 mins. I use to be able to do the entire 45mins. I couldn't lie down on my stomach because of the balloon feeling under my right rib cage..and I didn't have any more strength or energy after the 20 mins. I want to cry...I know I have to adjust my exercise program because of this disease, but I really need yoga for meditation and breathing reasons. My back has been hurting in the middle and I tend to not breathe deeply when I am in discomfort. Just feeling a little depressed about all this...trying to keep in shape is becoming a real challenge...I am fortunate in that I exercised my whole life, but having trouble coming up with solutions. Did anyone find out what that balloon feeling under the right rib cage is?

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  • Think about what you have eaten and drunk in the last few days. Have there been any differences.

    It could also be that you are in some sort of a flare or that the body is dealing with some other cause of inflammation.

    I always, correctly or not, tend to think of the lupus as being a bit like getting a cold. You know that given time a cold usually passes, and i tend to think of my bad days like this. I think it helps even though you feel completely downtrodden at the time

    Give yourself permission to take some extra rest

  • Overnight....thanks for your hips have been getting worse lately...I could be flaring, not sure....I was fighting a sore throat yesterday and fighting a UTI without antibiotics. Maybe that's not helping. I did go off my strict diet as I was at the zoo yesterday, and bought a wrap with some kind of dressing. Might have had dairy in it. It was creamy. So hard to stay to diet. I am not always gluten free and dairy free. Doing the best I can.. Hope you had a good day.

  • Hi Natura

    I had to give up yoga as it was too much for me and I had to stop doing classes as I was picking up so many illnesses I now do pilates at home, am in good shape and feel good about myself. The pilates breathing is different to the yoga meditation as I am sure you know but it still works the lungs out. Is it worth you talking to someone about how you feel about this before your depression becomes a problem? I sincerely hope that you can avoid this happening,

    All the best and keep your chin up

    Madmagz x

  • Thanks madmagz...I use to do Pilates. Maybe I will pick that up again. It might be less stress than the yoga. Thanks

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