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White spots around eyes

I have recently started to have small white spots on my eyes, on the part where eyeliner is applied (can't think of what to call this part of the eye!). I don't wear make-up and don't suffer from dry eyes or anything. Just sometimes get these small white sore spots, that go after a day or so. I don't know if this is caused by Lupus or not so wondered if anyone else suffers from this.

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Hi I had a similar problem of small, hard, white spots on my forehead (nothing to do with Lupus). I ended up going to a beautician to have them removed. They were blocked pores. Hope this helps a little. flossyx


Hello heights69

I have this some times and it's called blepharitis . Mine can sometimes be itchy. I have had wipes and cream for it . Saying that since I've been on lupus medication I haven't had it . I'm not sure if it's the same but you could just get it checked for peace of mind. Best wishes x


Thanks for replies guys

I have got some wipes from the clinic, I will see how I get on with them!


These little with spots are called melia spots they are an excess of calcium coming from inside the body, they arent like a spot if you break the skin they come out like a little white pearl.. I have these on my face and around my me dont go putting a pin in them as they are tuff to get rid of. Best course of action micro demabrasion, done by a qualified person, and reg exfoliation this renews the skin and and they come closer to the surface then you can scrub them out.. As the skin renews....micro demerbrasion on these is expensive and they can also use a hot needle to make a hole in the skin and dig the pearl out...its not a thing that can be squeezed out as there is not fluid its like a little white ball of callcium. X


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