White spots

White spots

Hi I have had these spots a few weeks they don't itch and they are not raised just under skin .wanted to know if anybody has anything like this or know possibly know what they are . I'm not on my medication at present due to liver functions results &low white blood cells .I was on methotrexate  which hopefully go back on once my blood results improve. 


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5 Replies

  • I too get these white spots but mine are raised.  I normally get them when I drink milk or eat dairy products.  I put them down to calcium deposits. May be wrong

    Regards. Fiane

  • Thank you I will ask the dr when I see him .

  • Looks like me I think you will find its calcium leaking out from your bones Charmaine I said to my GP for goodness sake I need a total mineral blood analysis plus a dexascan the latter he IS doing at long last! Are you by any chance double jointed? I have a condition called EDS and I've diagnosed my GP! Hopefully know at long last he will listen to me. He has the same type as me! that's just from my mother who wasn't double Jointed with help from my dad. It's rare 1: 1000.000! My dads type is still awaiting further tests! 

  • Thanks for reply I'm not double jointed I did have a blood test last week with low white blood cells .I'm going to ask the dr at end of month about them .

  • I get white lumps and asked my doctor if it could be to do with the fact that the body of Lupus patients doesn't dispose of old white cells very well and they are deposited at the skin.   He couldn't say.  Mine are raised and come off.  I also get white patches but that is vitiligo I think?

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