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I've recently been told I suffer with an anxiety disorder, however certain things feel unrelated, any advice?

Okay, I recently went through a tough break up from my fiancée and since then experienced what felt like heart and lung issues, after having blood tests and ECG monitors my doctor said all seems fine, blood count was good, bone was good as were things like my livers and kidneys.

However now I feel as though every muscle and joint aches all day everyday, I regularly wake up with a full headache too. I don't sleep well at all, and currently undergo a lot of stress.

What worries me the most is that my lymph nodes have forever been easy to find in my neck and appear slightly hard and swollen. Yet they've been this way for sometime and never caused me any issues, never had tonsilitus or throat/chest infections.

Can they just be slightly larger than normal for no reason? If it was cancerous would the blood tests be able to point that out easily?

I worry everyday about every little thing and my doctor seems to think I'm merely undergoing stress and anxiety which is causing fatigue hence the symptoms. According to my tests I'm a healthy 20 year old with nothing to worry about.

Could all these things be mere anxiety issues and the lymph nodes could be no problem? He'll please anyone?

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