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I just thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new to the community. I've been living with autoimmune disorders for 10 years, diagnosed with Juvenile Dermato Myositis at 13 and Lupus (SLE) at 18. I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology which is tough but with the support of my doctor and my colleagues and supervisor I'm getting through it. Lupus has made its fair share of things out of bounds for me (late nights, world travel, athletics etc.) but I have found other things I enjoy to fill the gap (archery, music and baking). Like you I have my bad days and my good days (Mondays aren't my favourite for example :P) but thanks to hard work by my family and my doctor I'm blessed to have more of the latter than the former.

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  • Hi IrishLupie,

    Welcome to HealthUnlocked and the Lupus community. We offer an information pack to introduce people to LUPUS UK which is available by post, if you would like one of these sent to you then just send me an email or private message and i will pop one in the post for you. hayley@lupusuk.org.uk

    If you require anything at all please do feel free to get in touch with us here at the National Office on 01708 731251.

    Best wishes,



  • Welcome and well done for staying strong and living your life to the fullest extent possible. The PhD sounds very interesting, good luck with it - I'm sure you'll be able to advise us all in time given the cognitive impairment that lupus causes to some of us :).

  • I wish! I'm still trying to come to terms with and understand Lupus fog myself and getting people and even medical professionals to understand can be a real chore... I hope I can help in any other respects though :)

  • Welcome and good luck Irish Lupie. It sounds as though you've had a tough time for one so young but with your attitude you should be very successful. Live your dreams.

  • Hi. Welcome. I'm a new member as well and have found a lot if really supportive people and helpful.

  • Thanks everyone :)

  • Hi IrishLupie

    Am new here myself and not even diagnosed yet. Everyone on here seems to be positive and helpful, I hope that you find the same support that I seem to be coming across.

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