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Yet another symptom to add to my long list

Hi all, as you know my diagnosis currently is UCTD. However, my wrists and fingers have been particularly painful and stiff for weeks now and I find it difficult to do some household chores and to function to do my job. Also, I am having surgery next month on my right shoulder - i had the same on my left last one can tell me whether it is systemic problem or not (sub acromial decompression / bursitis and calcific tendonitis).

As I have posted before, I have been on plaquenil for 18 months now and I seem to be more and more sensitive to light where my face and neck both flush red after being on the computer.

Then last week I was in the sun for 10 mins and by the weekend I had come out in a rash all over my face and a prickly heat / many hundreds of little tiny blisters under the skin type of rash.

I was feeling so upset as I had a very special family gathering at the weekend and it was so evident on my face and very itchy. My grown up daughters were kind and loving as usual which helped me.

The rash is calming now but my GP advised an antihistamine, and staying out of the sun and using SPF factor 50 if I must go out in it at all.

I feel all of this is now rather like fighting the tide. I am so frustrated that my rheumatologist just suggested stepping up the plaquenil to twice a day during a flare!

But with negative blood results, I feel I am getting nowhere fast.

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Hi bestbuddy, I have never done this before and I hope you will excuse me but, I have just replied to shadowswalker, and the the advice I gave, I would recommend to you. Hope you will excuse my laziness. Best of luck to you.(the title was, can I still use this site.)


Hi Bestbuddy, I found that it took a full 10 months before the Plaquenil had any affect on the UV sensitivity and that was just to increase the time I can spend in the sun from 5 to 30 mins. I always wear factor 50, wear a big brimmed hat and use a parasol. Antihistamines and steroid creams have no affect and I find that the best way to avoid the rash is to stay out of the sun.


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