Pregnancy and SLE, Nephritis

Hi all, hope everyone is doing and feeling well today. I was wondering if anyone here has SLE, Lupus Nephritis and has had children? I've been reading up on Lupus and childbirth and it seems that conceiving, pregnancy, birth and after care is all so complicated. Has anyone had a difficult time during and after pregnancy? Has anyone had a fantastic/ easy time? The statistics for stillbirth, complications for baby and mother, premature birth etc make for such depressing reading. Would really appreciate any comments about your experiences, particularly from those with Lupus Nephritis . Thank you x

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I have SLE, sjogrens, RA, Ana, ssa, ssb & hypothyroidism.

I had 2 successful pregnancies but was under consultant rather than midwife. I had a pre pregnancy consultation with ob/gyn, hematologist & rheumatologist to discuss meds, care plan & risks.

I have extremely low platelets and added complications that on fathers side a genetic platelet issue.

Get as much medical advice as possible and make informed decision. My eldest had a suspected heart block but it all turned out ok in the end thankfully, and I now have 2 healthy boys.

I was 34, then 37 when had my boys

Good luck


I believe I became unwell after having my first baby. I lost a twin to my second baby, lost another one after he was born, had premature rupture of membranes at 28 weeks with my next baby, who was born with double pneumonia and sepsis and needed life support in intensive care for two weeks, and my last baby also kicked off labour at 28 weeks but with steroids, bed rest and so on kept her in til 35 weeks. She needed scbu. During this pregnancy I had a very low platelet count.

I felt amazing when pregnant though. Quite frankly I got more ill after each baby.

I had a atroke in 2005 between babies one and two and I think that is when I really started to be ill.

My obstetrician was excellent and he specialises in autoimmune conditions and difficult pregnancies. He diagnosed hypothyroidism but didnt look for anything else.

I am glad I had my four children though the path to them was very tough. Now I can say I do not plan any more. But if I had known how ill I was I may have made different choices. In hind sight I suspect that the fantastic way I felt when pregnant was how most people feel normally. This may be because my immune system was toned down to sustain the pregnancies. 


yes my son is 9 now no complications, all you do is talk about your plans to your GP and Rhuematologist


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