Hi all, last monday I found a starange lump under my arm more towards the edge of my arm pitt on the outward edge, I have Lupus, serisitis,hymermobility, etc. I went to see the doc last week, thinking it was a lymph node as one was up in my neck and been really rough the last fews weeks, thought i was wasting my time but i was suppised when she told me Lupus patients need to watch for anything new and come straight to see the doc, she had a look and said it wasnt a lymph node, maybe a swollen tendon, but then she said there would be pain? which i havent got under there. its a fixed lump not hude but you can feel it. shes ordered FBC and ESR which will be back monday, she said " if its shows normal" (wont they not be normal with my lupus anyway)..if they come back ok she wants to send me for a scan i am very baffled and wounder what it could be..its not hurting but the under side of my arm running from my armpit to my wrist the skin raw and is supper sesitive and sore..She said this could be for the inlamation of a tendon. has anyone ever had this. would be gratefull of any advise. Dos is aways for a week and wont be seeing her time she comes back from her holiday in a week. She rung me thismorning to say she was going to be away to ring next tuesday for the result but dont go to see another doc for results to wait for her and she will see me the day she comes back. Im worried now and baffled..x thank you

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  • Hi, I had a lump like this too. The doctors usually do tests to rule out a possibility of cancer, usually written on forms they use as ?CA which is query cancer. I had scans booked as well but my lump went away before I got to scans so I cancelled everything. She would have been looking for this too in your bloods. These tests are done to rule out rather than confirm cancer. Any decent doctor would do these tests and do quickly as they are bound to by strict guidelines on timescales. Dont wait ages worrying whilst your doctor is on holiday. Do see someone else for your results. I hope my reply is on the right track and doesn't unecessarily scare you. Remember most lumps are treated with suspicion at first. X

  • Hi manda, thank you for your reply after the doc spoke to me saying she will see me, i was a bit less stressed, i dont think the lump is anything to worry about, well i hope not fingers crossed will keep u posted thanks again.

  • Hi .. Same situation happened to me also but luckily it was chronic inflamtion in biopsy n in my case lumpotomy done dont worry every thing will be ok soon

  • Good morning all finaly my doc is back from holiday today and im of back to see my gp about this lump shes done blood tests last week which the recp said needs repeating? but coul not telk me why..well lets see wgat she has to say. The lump is still there and now there are two lumps lymph nodex up in my neck now both on the same side...fill u all in later.

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