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Living With Lupus But Still Blogging & Fabulous

Hey guys

I was pretty emotional today so I decided to write a blog post about my lupus son my Blog

It was kind of a big deal for me as many if my friends and colleagues don’t know that I suffer with Lupus and those that do don’t seem to understand the disease. I’m hoping that reading the blog post will encourage the to ask me questions or perhaps encourage others to have a conversation about Lupus and how it can affect its suffers

If you guys could read it I would appreciate it and if you could leave a comment I would love it!


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Hey I understand you as I suffer also from lupus.

I'm now experiencing abdominal pain and really weak and tired.

This is a horrible illness.

Do do find certain foods trigger flairs?

Hope you are strong or try to keep strong.


Hi Danimgw

I haven't noticed my flares being triggered by any particular foods


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