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New member with an ankle question!

Hi there.

I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease and not Lupus so I hope its ok to post on here.

I've been having trouble with my ankles for a couple of years even when everything else is OK with no hint of a flare. I had a steroid injection once which was helpful for swelling but the feeling of bone grating on bone and stiffness and tendon inflammation continue. I am wondering if I may have spurs and if an arthroscapy might be helpful. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this and if it was useful, and also how I might go about asking for it. I've no idea when I'll next see my rheumy - certainly not in the next 3 months. Do you think I could ask my GP and cut out the rheumy?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi shadow girl, welcome to the site !! I have a lot of probs with my rt ankle. Had many steroid jabs in different parts of my foot. Some helped, some didn't. If you mean heel spurs, then I'm not sure that Drs rush into surgery. I didn't have arthroscopy, and wasn't offered it. Your GP can only say no, so try. For me I had MRI and ultrasound, wasn't told if heel spurs. I have an ankle brace, made for me by orthotics. It is good, only downside is I can't get shoes on over it. !!! It is a terrible pain to bear, and I hope it gets resolved soon.


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