My mouth and Lips

Does anyone suffer really sore lips? My top lip has 2 deep cuts going through them. Its really painful I seem to always have skin peeling off the inside of my checks and sometimes the roof of my mouth! My lips are really painful just now and not sure what will fix it, its been like this for months, it will disappear and then come back within a few days.

Thanks Gxx

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Hi, you're not on your own I have the same thing with peeling ski on the inside of my lips and cheeks. Lupus is a connective tissue disease so I put the peeling lips down to the lupus having a go. Its v annoying isn't it. Not sure what to suggest as I don't have any remedies. Just be careful with citrus or anything that can sting. All the best



Hi GillsM, I suffer with this too. I was diagnosed with Sicca (Sjogren's Syndrome) Its worse when I wake up in the morning as my mouth is so dry. Ive been given some gel to use in my mouth and drops for my eyes. My mouth ulcers can also break out by my lips inside my mouth. I tend to use good old vaseline as well ... hope that helps ... best to see your Doctor to see if you have a problem as if it is Sjogren's then it can have other affects on the body -x-


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