Tonsils removed!! Ouch!

Hi everyone, I am feeling sooo sorry for myself today, I had my tonsils removed yesterday and it hurts!!! I am 30 years old, which I think is an unusal age to have them removed but they were causing me so much trouble I am better off without them! Has anyone else had problems with their tonsils? Is it lupus related? My ENT specialist says he doesn't think it is, but I thought I'd ask all those in the know!! Sian xxx

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  • HiI I too had my tonsils removed when I was 35 in 1998. I was not showing any lupus signs then so for me there did not seem to be any correlation. I remember the feeling well feels really horrible and scratchy for at least 10 days. It's probably the one time I was quiet for any period of time:) Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi..You have my full sympathy...I had mine out in 1985 when I was 23 as had had constant problems...I still remember that awful feeling post op seemed to go on for ages too also remember the fact was given scratchy toast for brekkie and steak pie with chips for dinner the next day and told could go home if could eat it!!..always thought you got ice cream after that kind of thing!! I have only just been diagnosed with lupus but looking back at all the ENT problems over the years especially when younger with very sore throats repeated tonsilitis nose sores etc and have recently developed recurrent polyps in the ear canals which my ENT cons thinks could well be related to connective tissue problems I do think there is quite probably a link somewhere. Really hope you feel better soon...sending big hugs xx

  • I had my tonsils out at 18. The only pain relief that worked was gargling with warm soluble aspirin. Hope it works for you.

  • I had my tonsils out when I was 21, was absolutely awful! The pain was terrible and went on for 3 weeks. Gargling salt water and aspirin helped a lot. Wasn't diagnosed with lupus back then. It does get better. Hope it's quickly for you.

    Hugs x

  • My youngest daughter had her tonsils out a few years ago, she's 38. The doctor said her tonsils were a haven for bacteria. She had constant sore throats. She doesn't have Lupus, which I have and runs in the family, but when her sore throats were at their worst, so was her psoriasis. Another autoimmune disease. She would also have, and still gets an allergic reaction to strep throat. Perhaps you are better off without your tonsils.

  • Thanks so much for your responses, I have gargled with aspirin today so hopefully that begins to help too!! I think that is the only silver lining, the consultant said that my tonsils looked craters of the moon full off bacteria!! Nice!! So lupus related or not nobody needs them when they no longer have a useful function!! It is so nice to have this site, I have sat in my bed all day dozing whilst my husband is out at work, but yet I feel like I have had a conversation with others! Thanks everyone xxxx

  • Difflam (?i think that's the spelling) is awesome. It's bright green and you gargle with it. You can get it over the counter at the chemist. It contains a numbing agent and totally kills the pain. I swear by it for recurrent tonsillitis and after countless general anaesthetics when they'd had the tubes down your throat. Hope you start to feel better really soon xxx

  • I was 32 when i had mine out. Suffered from a dreadful bout of quinsey. Best thing i ever did :)

  • Hi there, just found this (I am new!) I had my tonsils removed at 40 before being diagnosed with SLE. I had quinsey twice! Thinking back now, I believe our compromised immune systems can turn tonsillitis into quinsey. Antibiotics did nothing to prevent the streptococcal bacteria taking hold. Maybe without the underlying lupus I would have just had tonsillitis?

  • I had my tonsils out at 32 after suffering recurrent bouts of tonsillitis since the age of 14. The ENT doctor said they were really scarred and pitted and they were definitely better out than in. I was only diagnosed with Lupus 6 months ago, but have been suffering a lot of symptoms (apart from sore joints) since my teens, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was all related. Weirdly, I feel like I'm coming down with tonsillitis quite often (including this weekend) even though they're not there anymore - and they've been gone 16 years!

    The anaesthetic throat spray (Difflucan?) was my absolute saviour after surgery, if they still make it. It will be worth it in the end :o)

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