Apple Cider Vinegar - easily accessible natural remedy which has helped me with bloating, constipation and curbing my appetite..check it out

Firstly, research this on the internet for yourself and consult your doctors as usual.

Hi, apple cider vinegar was given to me by my sister, who doesn't have lupus but has chronic constipation, around a month ago as she'd started to use it on the recommendation of a friend. It has really helped me to become more regular, far less bloated and I don't feel as hungry - yay! There are supposedly many other benefits but as I said before you should research these for yourself to see if it's right for you. All the best :-)

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This is useful, how do you take it?


Hi, I take two teaspoons in a tall glass of water first thing in the morning before food proceeded by another glass to get rid of the taste. I drink it through a straw which helps to mask the flavour and avoid contact with my teeth. Just having the two glasses of water first thing is beneficial too.

You can take it just before meals to aid digestion and before bed but I don't. I saw results after 2 weeks - my mum thought I'd lost weight but I hadn't, I just wasn't so bloated. Plus I hadn't put any weight on. Read up on it and decide what's best for you. :-)


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