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Throat problems & vocal nodes

Hi everyone, has anyone had recurring tonsillitis since having lupus/mctd? The last year has been terrible I have had 8 bouts of tonsillitis ( and 8 lots of antibiotics) I also noticed that my voice was getting really husky, I was referred to an ENT specialist who said I had vocal nodes?! Usually associated with too much talking!!! Anyway I have to have an op to remove tonsils, nodes and he wants to biopsy the tissue at the back of my throat to see why it is so inflammed. He isn't sure whether it is related to the connective tissue disease but surely there must be a link??

Any suggestions appreciated!

Thanks Sian xxx

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Hi Sianied. Yes I had pneumonia back in August and since then my voice is all over the place. I like to sing (well try) and I have noticed I cant hit high notes anymore, also, my voice seemed to have dropped an octave and is very husky and keeps breaking like there is no power in the voice. After reading your post I think maybe I should go to docs and mention these symptoms to him. I, like you have been on antibiotics for a while for various things. I am also on permanent anti b once a day to try to keep infections at bay, but, that doesn't seem to work I still get infections. I was wondering if being on anti b's all the time would affect the voice after a while. It would be interesting if anyone of our members has any thoughts on this.

Take care



Hello, thanks for your response, I would totally recommend mentioning it to your doc, everything you describe is just like what I have, it's like I have no control at all over the pitch and it can sometimes be embarrassing when I start to talk and it sounds like my voice is breaking!! Asked to be referred to an ENT specialist. Vocal nodes are really common in singers and teachers apparently (not that u am either!!). I am not sure about the connection with anti b's, I hate taking them as I am sure they do more harm but I guess when you've got an infection they are the best thing!!! Hope you get it sorted soon xx


I am a highly trained opera singer, and have not had any accuracy or note matching issues.

I have had MAJOR loss of volume and endurance when singing however! Mostly from chronic bronchitis and lack of health in my lungs.

On the other hand I can hear it, and adjust because I have perfect pitch. So maybe I am straining to reach the right tones?


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