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Numbness/Panic attacks?

I have been waking up with odd symptoms. I wake in a panic, and then do not feel any of my normal aches and pains...

The symptoms are very strange, almost like my whole body is stuffed with cotton, but when I focus a can feel a pinch or touch...

My doctor's are at a loss, only suggesting it is either panic attacks or an undiagnosed heart condition. Any thoughts?

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I wake evey morning and often at night feeling as if my heart is racing as I can hear it beating really loudly in my ears with a big whooshing noise swish swish swish swish. Feels like high blood pressure or something but it isnt. Its so loud and disconcerting that I cant get back to sleep. Feels a bit like my heart is working too hard. Does this sound at all like it? I am being treated for anaemia just now so will let you know if that helps x


Yes I get this too - have had no sleep for four months with it. Racing heart, feeling of numbness as if I were stuffed with lead and cotton and sense of panic. I haven't even mentioned this to my doctors but they know about the insomnia. I now take Amitriptyline (20mg), Hydroxy (400) and antihistamine for hives and have just had the first week's sleep in ages because of the sedatives in these meds. I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus but its being considered as a cross over condition with my existing RA and Hypothyroidism. I would be really interested to know what you find out as its the most horrible sensation I know.


Lupus is such a strange disease and affects the body in ways that we didn't think was possible. When I first became ill I didn't think the human body could feel the way mines did and still be alive. Amongst other things I use to get severe panic attacks and a rapid heart rate all the time, which often felt like I was about to have a heart attack. it has calmed down a lot now however, I still get these symptoms during flares. During the worst periods of these symptoms I saw a homeopath who gave me some remedies that really helped calm things down and enabled me to get more sleep as the symptoms prevented me from getting any sleep. I would mention these symptoms to your doctor because it is sounds like lupus maybe affecting your nervous system.


I'd be interested to know what the homeopath remedies are field if you can share...


Hi chrisj, I have not seen my homeopath for a while now, as it is quite expensive, although she does have concessions for those on low incomes (she is based in London). I was given remedies such as Pulsatilla, Adrenalin and another remedy in drop form, which calmed me down at night and helped me to sleep, but I cannot remember what it was called, sorry. Please remember that homeopathy although considered mild can impact on you medications and affect you. Even the remedies I have mentioned above I was hypersensitive too, so initially my homeopath give me very, very low potencies and gradually increased potency when she and I felt I was ready. Please remember that remedies are made up specifically for the individual based on their symptoms, so something that might have been effective for me may not be effective for you. If you are thinking of trying homeopathic remedies make sure you see a fully qualified practitioner, who will work with you to find the right remedies for you. Having said all that, homeopathy did help me during times of great distress with my illness.

best wishes field x

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Yes, I awake with a horrible thing like this and I find it rather scary - I think it could be something to do with the nervous system in my case... I hope you get it sorted soon.


Hi guys. I used to suffer and sometimes still do with really bad panic attacks. Again it's one of the things I have to cope with because of lupus. I used to be that bad that I would wake in the night and not be able to move at all. My muscles were tense and I could only move my eyes. Very scary and made me panic more. I think from reading the past notes, it seems people have different types of panic attacks. I've found talking about it and letting other people know has helped as I don't feel alone. I've got some great friends who are there to help if I ever take a turn and always cheer me up. I hope everyone can learn to control there systems and keep smiling guys xx


The wake cycle reminds me of when I was having asthma attacks from chronic bronchitis...

But I don't have trouble breathing once I wake. I do think it must be nerve based or nervous system anyway...


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