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dermatomyositis is it related to lupus?

Hello folks, not been on here for a while as I've been very ill, had gallbladder removed which went terribly wrong, if you remember me reporting that. Last week visited a new rheumatologist, not sure if it's fibromyalgia or lupus so still waiting. Taking loads of pain killers but still in pain. Also, been examined this week to find out that the surgeon probably damaged the nerve that controls urination!

On top if all this my youngest daughter, of 23, was diagnosed with raynards last week. Then to be contacted by my eldest who visited the GP today, to be told that she has a rare skin rash, the doctor even took photographs. He thinks it's dermatomyositis!

Is this related to Lupus?

My husband has told me to stop worrying or I will make myself more ill also feel I'm blaming myself for passing these illnesses to them. How can I rationalise this to myself? :(

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