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Hello everyone I'm new to health unlocked and the internet


Hoping to make friends and share problems. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2005. Have some organ inflammation but otherwise I manage as we all do! I'm finding internet more challenging, have been a dinosaur too long. Is anyone having monthly steroid jabs and how is it for you. Starting mine in jan 2014

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You've come to the right place for sharing problems, welcome. Don't worry about being technology challenged, once you get the hang of the forum you'll feel at home and the members are a very supportive bunch, you'll see.

I haven't yet experienced steroid injections but I'm sure some here already did and will let you know, I just wanted to say hello and welcome.

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Thanks, don't want anyone thinking I'm not replying, just not good with ipad

Hello6161, I have had steroid injections when i was first diagnosed in sept. I couldn't wait for the next one! They where so helpful ,I had them until the hydroxy kicked in. I wish I could have have them all the time. Hope they work just as well for you. Best wishes x

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Thanks, i have been on all the immo suppressants with bad side effects so fingers crossed

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Thanks have been on aza metho etc with bad side effects so fingers crossed


Am I replying 3 times same message? Not sure

hi 6161 sounds like your at the right place not had monthly steriod jags but had an infusion over 4 days dont no how much good it did if any , if i can manage the internet (bit long in the tooth) am sure you can allthe best

Hi there, just to say welcome. You look like your managing better then you think with the technology side of things! :-)

I've found this site invaluable for info and questions so your definitely in the right place. I've had one depo medrol (spelling?!) injection at the start and it was fine felt more energised less painful - now I take tablets daily so not much help answering yr question really. Just wanted to say welcome x Jo

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