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Hi Everyone, I'm new herr


Hello all, I have just joined and wish I had joined ages ago. I have read some of the posts and find them very interesting and informative. I have Lupus SLE, Rosacea, Raynaud's, ostpeopenia, under active thyroid and lots of arthritis, probably like most of you. I was diagnosed 8 years ago but thankfully it is mild. However this hot weather has caused me to have some spots and rashes. I seem to be allergic to anything I put on my skin. Any ideas? I look forward to hearing from you.xx

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So many of us have different types of rashes & quite often triggered by UV light, especially now when it is at it's strongest....

Take pictures if you can, helpful for doctors & could send it to rheumy to ask...give details when it appeared, itchy, exposed or not skin, spreading, possible trigger?

A good link on skin conditions is:


Glad you found HU as it been really helpful to me through the years...


Many thanks Maggielee. I too am sure it is exposure to the sun. I had been gardening with an open neck top. I thought initially it was ringworm but couldn't think where I could have picked it up. Now I realise it is from the sun. I do try to keep out of it usually but it was so nice to be out in the garden. I am peeved because I also think I suffer from SAD but at least I can see the sun from a distance. Thanks again for being my first reply. This is all new to me! GG ,

Hi GG,

At least you know now what triggered the rash, which really helps so you can cover up next time...

There are many times I go out into the warmth of the sun & I realise I can do it even briefly & that I haven't lost it all that lovely uv all together..

Luckily we live in Britain & thete are lots of cloudy days and cool sunny ones to enjoy abit of it when the uv isn't as strong...

I have had to learn my limits & just say to folks I am allergic to the sun, my easiest explanation...

Just make sure to take Vitamin D for your bones....talk to your doctors about ensuring you supplement it if you can't soak up the rays....ml

Hi, I very much support maggielee's suggestion that you should take photos. Rashes always magically disappear before your next appointment! Skin reactions to sun are very common but also very varied.

Geriatricgran in reply to Tykle

Thanks Tykle, I like that name. Wish I had given mine more thought but it sums me up age wise but not behaviour (I hope). I am not due to see my specialist for another 18 months but if it gets worse I will certainly take a photo and contact her. Thanks for the advice and Maggielee. GGx

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